The truth of who you are is the spark of God in your soul experiencing the world.

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To my way of thinking, the truth of who you are is on purpose. The heavens, the cosmos, God, Goddess, Earth or whatever power that created you, made you just so. You are the perfect creation of eons of evolution coupled with a wish made by divinity.

The truth of who you are became into being and is held by all of life to continue just as you wish to be. The truth of who you are is the spark of God in…

Are we protecting an illusion?

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Anger is usually a response to being threatened. When you get angry, ask yourself what you are protecting and then ask yourself why you are protecting that.

If you are protecting a belief, the anger can be pretty intense because the ego feels attacked, and it could be a sign that the belief is an illusion that is ready to be dissolved. Our beliefs are held in the ego. Belief is created to build an identity, but when that identity shifts, the ego can feel threatened and act out in anger.

The ego does not…

Today is the last full moon eclipse of the year and I already feel the energy of the light that will come in 2021.

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It is such a relief when you can see the path forward uncluttered by chaos.

Now until December 21, we are in a shift to prepare for 2021. Even in the midst of our pain, through the devastation of the pandemic, the light of a new way of being is shining through. The direction of human consciousness will shift, showing a way to heal what troubles us personally and globally.

We need the vision that this…

Being mindful of when you are turning on your senses to feel into a situation or person is key to having a clear connection with Spirit.

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It has taken years for me to perfect not reading people, not tuning in to people, and not psychically checking in when I am worried about someone. Now, my boundaries are clear and I have an abundance of energy and clarity when I do a reading by request and permission. There is nothing I can think of that is more intrusive than someone psychically reading you without your permission. Those who are untrained and…

Struck by a deep, timeless silence, we absorbed the moment in awe. In awe of her beauty and in awe of our love for her.

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Long ago I had the most profound dream. It still lives within me. It comes up into my mind like a wave of memory unbidden. I re-live it every time it comes. It gives me the sweetest feeling.

I was hovering weightless in space. There were many of us there. Beings gathered in dark empty spaces of the solar system. Our attention was on the beautiful blue and white Earth newly born. It held beauty…

Being of service means not just being present to help others but being profoundly mindful of your personal actions and how they will or will not support the whole group.

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It was a hot day on a mountain plateau in Montana. The First International Sundance was beginning, and I was paying attention, not just to the task at hand but to my physical body. Was I hydrated? What was my energy level? Balancing my rest, activity, nutrition, and hydration for me to support the community in the pop-up kitchen was the most important task I had to be of service…

With each crisis we are awakening to evolve beyond our own limited beliefs and see into the beauty of the Truth.

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In truth, the world is not a scary place. The world is just the world. Neither evil nor paradise, it is only what it is to us by how we perceive it. As spiritual people we have heard that we create our reality. We see the beauty or the terror of the world as our limiting beliefs allow us. …

Being the light is being the midwife for Truth, Love, and Healing.

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I do not care if you believe a cabal of evil scientists funded by the Illuminati created this virus to take out your Auntie GinGin once and for all. We, as spiritual people, are being called upon to hold the light. Holding the light is what eliminates the dark. It isn’t fancy, it isn’t rocket science.

We need do nothing but be the light. When we turn on a light in a dark room the dark disappears. That is as much ‘fighting’ we need do.

Shine the light…

With a whispered prayer I asked Spirit to guide me in all things

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It is hard to recommend the spiritual life for those who have not yet begun the path. When I made a deep and life changing commitment to follow the ways of Spirit my life was going OK. I can’t say I was happy because of the cyclical emotional dysfunction I carried in my relationships and I felt like I was never good enough to get what I wanted. I would say I was on the miserable side of the happiness scale. …

The dynamic of time is flexible, it slows and speeds up as we go about our day. How can we control the pace of time to have more time and less stress?

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We need not have a magic wand or speak an incantation to make the world into a place of our liking. We only need remember our life is of our making, living life is a creative act and our time is our own.

Let’s talk about time being our own.

The dynamic of time is flexible, it slows down and speeds up as we go about our day…

Janet Kadow

Teacher and writer of inspirational living, spiritual development, and connecting with Spirit.

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